Liquid E

Exequel is an excentric ‘New Age’ guy in the Philippines. After his education in food and beverages he decided to focus on cocktails and flair-bartending. He can manage any bar and serve delicious cocktails with flair. Together with bar-magic and unbelievable juggling with bottles and glasses, he is the perfect ‘helping hands’ for any party!

To calm his wild mind he studied Yoga. Quickly he became a yoga-master, and currently he helps people who have enourmous benefits from yoga. It helps that his father has a massage and yoga studio in Dagupan City.

To calm his mind even further he decided to build orgonites. These are cones or pyramids filled with bionised sand and quartz crystalls. Orgonites transform negative energy in the air into positive energy. Many people in and around Dagupan already have an orgonite made by Liquid-!

His modern way of thinking also lead the way to the latest in holograms. With the help of some of the biggest names of special effects and holographic effects in the global entertainment industry he has already built an amazing 3D hologram display.



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