Dive Bars Vs Clubs


When looking for a bartending job, gravitate towards dive bars. Those shitty little holes in the wall will provide numerous regulars (once they get accustomed to you), good tips, and many new connections that might be used later, when you decide to move on. NEVER LEAVE A DIVE BAR FOR A CLUB! Dives, while small, dingy, and sometimes dangerous, have a much lower turnover rate than clubs. Everyone wants to work at a club. They’re busy, fun, and amusing. But based on my personal experience, this is false.

I worked at a dive in my city for over a year. I was supposed to be a temp replacement for someone who had a baby. I ended up keeping the job after she was allowed to come back (I can still feel this girl’s resentment towards me to this day for taking those shifts, even though she now has them back)…

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