Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do As A Customer


I’ve already written the 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do As A Bartender so I think it’s appropriate that I write it for the customers as well. If you’re a bartender, you know how awful customers can be when you’re working in a bar and they’re shitfaced. So here are ten rules for the customer on how to NOT piss off the bartender.

1) DON’T SLAM YOUR GLASS ON THE BAR! This is number one for a reason. It is my biggest pet peeve. If you are tapping/slamming/clinking your glass around, I will ignore you. I won’t tell you to stop. You just won’t get another beer. It is RUDE, annoying, and just stupid. You have a mouth and I hope you have manners. Use them. Slamming your glass on the bartop is a sure way to get ignored or kicked out. Either way, you’ll be waiting longer than the guy…

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