Apple Cider Margaritas

finishing school

Goal #53: Mix 40 new cocktails.

Note: This means pre-existing cocktails but new to me. Also,  if I’ve drank it before but haven’t made it myself, it counts.

For cocktail #25, I decided to go with this apple cider margarita recipe.  I bookmarked it several months ago with the intention of making it, but it hasn’t exactly been seasonally appropriate . . . until now. Unfortunately, I have no Grand Marnier, so I decided to swap in orange curacao. That was a mistake. This recipe is sweet sweet sweet, too sugary for even my sweet tooth, and I’m not sure that even with the Grand Marnier it would have worked. This drink needs something sour in it to cut through the sugar–you know that old rhyme about one part sour, two parts sweet, three parts strong and four parts weak? This is just sweet, sweet, strong and weak. Some alterations…

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