Orgonite and Plasterite

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This next post is about making Orgone devices.  For those who don’t know what Orgone Energy or Orgonite is; check out these sites as they have excellent information, and I’m way too lazy to try and fit in a post about the origins, science and effectiveness of Orgone. 🙂
Orgonite Info
Awesome Orgonite

This is a photo of one of my first pieces of resin orgonite with powdered zinc oxide, steel wool, shungite stone, clear quartz, pink sparkly mica and metal shavings.  My husband who is quite skeptical drew my attention to the fact that where the orgone was placed created a rejuvenation of the oxidised rusty surface of his grafting table.  We moved the orgone to another part of the table, and the same results have occured.    This is over a couple of months also..

Above – You can see the rejuvenated bit of iron to the right of…

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