Quattro Grill

Quattro Grill

The Venue

Quatro Grill is located at Arellano Street Dagupan City, infront  of University of Pangasinan and 7/11 store, the tallest building you can see..


you can find the map here if your using facebook

The Atmosphere

Quattro Grill is  one of the best place in Dagupan City to hang out at night because it is located at the upper deck of the building which is enough to see the view of the entire City.
it has live acoustic band and friendly waiters! 🙂

The Drinks

Quattro Grill has alot of Varieties you can choose on, and they have what they called Macho Mug!  only one in the province, most people visit the place for the experience  and to have a photo with their macho mug 🙂

Picture of my bestfriend Allen with the Macho mug! 😀

Menu of the Drinks

The Foods

They serve alot of Unique Filipino Dish!

you can check out this link for some more info.


Check out for yourselves!

and the now they also serve Japanese foods! 🙂

The Last Word

Quattro Grill schedule they also have KTV rooms for people who wants to celebrate their parties privately

mon – tue  11:00-1:00

wed-sat    14:00-2:00

sun            14:00-15:00,18:00-1:00


PADI’S Point

The Venue

The New and Improved PADI’S Point is located at  Assada Centre AB Fernandez East Avenue Dagupan City, a short walk from University Of Pangasinan.

The Atmosphere

PADI’S Point has a Perfect Ambiance for everyone. It’s theme is colored pink and orange, and that is such a cute combination.You can drink either outside or inside the bar. Everyone can go here ,it doesn’t matter if you”re gay,straight or lesbian. Also teenagers who like to have fun at night.

The drinks

PADI’S Point Serves different kinds of Beverages from beer, liquor to cocktail.

Cocktails are served in appropriate glass,you can ask ice whenever you need some,they also have towers for beer, towers for Cocktail,beer bucket( 6 bottles), beer barrel and so on.

(click to enlarge the photos)

The foods

PADI’S Point offers all sort of food like sisig, pizza,rice meals, BBQ, sushi etc etc.. All kinds are here. It’s up to your trip. 😀

The Last word

PADI’S Point has a Dance floor and Live band .  It opens at 3:00 PM to midnight. Padi’s Point also offers bookings, Takeaway, Catering, Outdoor seating… Also reservations for lunch and dinner are accepted.call at 075-6533538

See the change yourself and experience The Nightlife in Dagupan City.

ZOLA resto\cafe

The Venue

Zola is located at Perez Blvd , near the music warehouse and a short walk from CSI square.

You can reach it with just one ride on a Downtown jeepney.

The Atmosphere

Zola looks like a typical red and black themed restaurant. From the looks of their furniture inside, the management wants its customers to relish their dining experience. Zola is on the Center of the City, so it is no surprise to see all ages and professions sitting side by side.

The Foods

Zola is a restaurant that serves delicious  food in a beautiful garnish that makes it more tasty yet affordable.

These are the food menu to help you decide before you go 🙂 ( click to enlarge the photo)

The Drinks

Zola has some kinds of Beer that u can drink. Promo is P100 for 3 beer bottles. It serves affordable Beverages like coffee, shakes and special drinks.

Last word

I’ve been here for so many times.  The service crew here are very friendly and they give good service.

It has a smoking and non smoking zone ,with fast internet connection and wifi.  And it is open 24 hours for the night owls. You must try it!