Friday Cocktail

The Poisoned Martini

Try something a little devilish this Friday and enjoy the El Diablo!

This one had been around for awhile, being a popular tequila-based drink.  Recent recipes call for the use of Ginger Beer.  However, the original recipe uses Ginger Ale.  Either way, this one’s a great accompaniment to salsa and chips.

What you’ll need: Tequila (white), Crème de Cassis, Lime Juice, and Ginger Beer.

In a shaker over cracked ice, pour in 1 1/2 ounces of your tequila of choice and 1/2 ounce each of crème de cassis and lime juice.  Shake and then strain into a rocks glass or collins glass filled with cubed ice.  Top the glass with ginger beer.  Garnish with a wedge of lime, optional.

How I like it:  For those of you who may not like beer or can’t find a good ginger beer, I suggest using ginger ale.  After all, it was the original…

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Wick At Both Ends: Sunday Lunch

Sheffield Eats

There are few things in life as comforting as a Sunday lunch, and The Wick at Both Ends on West Street really big theirs up, with the claim that they do a Sunday roast “as good as your Nan’s.”

For those not already in the know, The Wick at Both Ends is a quirky West Street venue kitted out with mismatched armchairs and some of the comfiest corner booths you’re likely to find in a pub. The bar is decked out with fairy lights the whole year round, there’s plenty of arty graffiti on the walls, and table decorations fashioned out of peacock feathers, flowers and old liquor bottles. There’s also a stash of oldschool board games, if you fancy whiling away an afternoon playing Bizzy Bizzy Bumble Bees or Connect Four. This cosy West Street venue clearly has bags of character, but are the food and drink up to…

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Quattro Grill

Quattro Grill

The Venue

Quatro Grill is located at Arellano Street Dagupan City, infront  of University of Pangasinan and 7/11 store, the tallest building you can see..


you can find the map here if your using facebook

The Atmosphere

Quattro Grill is  one of the best place in Dagupan City to hang out at night because it is located at the upper deck of the building which is enough to see the view of the entire City.
it has live acoustic band and friendly waiters! 🙂

The Drinks

Quattro Grill has alot of Varieties you can choose on, and they have what they called Macho Mug!  only one in the province, most people visit the place for the experience  and to have a photo with their macho mug 🙂

Picture of my bestfriend Allen with the Macho mug! 😀

Menu of the Drinks

The Foods

They serve alot of Unique Filipino Dish!

you can check out this link for some more info.

Check out for yourselves!

and the now they also serve Japanese foods! 🙂

The Last Word

Quattro Grill schedule they also have KTV rooms for people who wants to celebrate their parties privately

mon – tue  11:00-1:00

wed-sat    14:00-2:00

sun            14:00-15:00,18:00-1:00

Washington Gin Showcase Part 1

Booze Nerds

Hello and welcome to post #4 for Booze Nerds. However, before we get started, stop everything and go here first Help Murray Stenson. We booze nerds stand on the shoulders of giants. Murray has been a key player in creating the Seattle cocktail scene and more than that, in bringing back real cocktails nation-wide. Please donate and help out someone who is so important to our community!

Now on to the regularly scheduled post. We here at Booze Nerds are fortunate enough to live in the great Pacific Northwest where we’re seeing an explosion in the artisan distilling field. A lot of people talk about how the artisan distillers are just biding their time until they can produce aged spirits, and perhaps for some that’s true. But while we love a good aged whiskey as much as the next nerd, we also feel that there’s plenty to like about the lovely…

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Globe Bar Bitters


While walking home from the train station I came across a box on the streets of Jersey City, which was hosting a little literature orgy for a group of hospitality and culinary pieces. One of the members was The Art of the Cocktail by Ben Reed. Before I found that treasure I had already planned on making my own bitters to begin experimenting with cocktails, so I happily accepted the timely gift.

I definitely needed to use this book as a guideline, since my previous cocktail concocting went as far as “Old English Mimosas” (in forty ounce serving portions, of course). I was never much of a cocktail drinker, always preferring a good beer or wine. However, there is a mood set and an emotion felt when you let the inside of your hands and fingertips be caressed by the delicate stem of glassware. Even more so when the balance…

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